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January 2019 Update

What did we do?

  • Our total number of supported coins and tokens just reached 440.
  • We now provide wider minimum and maximum exchange size for all systems.
  • Our exchange rate also got better for most of the systems.
  • We have optimized our website and Telegram bot to respond much faster.
  • Karsha Blog has been started which would let us post better contents and news updates.
  • We managed to partially resolve the "Receive Amount" getting outside of the border on our homepage. Man, that was ugly!
  • We have introduced our new support portal. Tickets are automatically created for every request sent to our email, Facebook page, Twitter account, or the customer support web portal and they will be processed much faster and more organized.

Going forward

  • We are preparing our Slack and Discord channels as a way to communicate better with our customers and business partners.
  • The extra unuseful digits from the "Receive Amount" will be trimmed to get a nicer and more useful display.

Long term plans

  • We are working on the payment gateway and it will hopefully be ready in a few months.

Congratulations to BitCoin One for successfully launching their blockchain. They're not just an Ethereum token anymore, but an independent blockchain and cryptocurrency. Well done, BitCoin One!