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Karsha got a .onion address

Hey! Long time no see!

Just wanted to let you know that Karsha is now accessible via its new .onion address:


(You need to open the link with Tor Browser)

Karsha respects your privacy and anonymity. We don't ask for any identification or any extra information, and we only request for the information required to process your orders.

Tor users were always welcome to use Karsha, and we didn't block requests coming from Tor, nor put any limitation on them. Now, with our new .onion address, Tor users directly connect to Karsha inside Tor and can access our website within the Tor network, without any of the transferred data leaving the secure and privacy-oriented Tor network. This helps to better keep your privacy and anonymity, and it also makes using Karsha faster, more secure, and more reliable.

Happy browsing!