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Karsha is Not Backing SegWit2X

If you were following recent news, specially from the official website of Bitcoin (, you may have noticed the recent events about SegWit2X. Apparently, many of the big corporations which were founded around Bitcoin, including many exchanges, wallets, service providers, etc, had signed an agreement to fork the base code of Bitcoin Core (the reference codebase of Bitcoin), and implement SegWit2X. You can easily find more information about SegWit2X, and how it'd impact Bitcoin, by a little research on Google. The problem is that the Bitcoin core development team and most of the Bitcoin regular users do not agree with that.

We, standing beside regular Bitcoin users (who power Bitcoin in the first place), are against SegWit2X. We won't back the decision, and we will continue to exchange what is accepted by website as Bitcoin and BTC.

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